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Do or Don't Do in Nepal

  • Respect Hindu and Buddhist Holy places. Take off your shoes before you enter Buddhist Monastery, Hindu temple and Nepalese home.
  • Say “Namaste” when you meet with Nepali people.
  • Only Hindu people can visit inside Hindu temples. Non-Hindus are not allowed to visit inside Hindu temples. They can walk around temples.
  • Walk clockwise when you visit Hindu temple or Buddhist Stupa.
  • Protect natural environment
  • Respect people, culture, lifestyle and its existence
  • Never touch anything with your feet which are considered offense among Nepali people.
  • Burn dry paper and plastic in save place
  • Respect privacy when you take photograph, make pictures when you get permission from the people.
  • Remember, when a person many times shakes his head from left to right means “yes”.
  • When you visit village area, wear full dress for women.
  • Do not eat from other’s plate and do not drink from other’s glass or bottles.